Scott and Amy

Dan Allender said “Leading is very likely the most costly thing you will ever do. And the chances are very good that it will never bring you riches or fame or praise in exchange for your great sacrifices. But if you want to love God and others, and if you long to live your life now for the sake of eternity, then there is nothing better than being a leader.”

My name is Scott Lowe and I am in my 8th year as senior pastor of a church in Colorado.  Over the last 20 years I have served in many other roles including youth pastor, assistant pastor, executive administrator, and co-founder of my present church and a mercy ministry.

My story has been one of learning on the job.  Learning leadership through successes and failures.  Church planting has been my greatest learning ground.  It has been said that church planting could be compared to building a 747 in mid-flight. This is also true so often in growing in leadership.  The problem many times is that while we are called into a leadership role that emotionally, spiritually and personally drain us because there are no outlets to share and work through our hurts.   “Lonely at the top” is not just a phrase.

My passion is to come alongside other leaders with a grace filled hope.  Freed2Lead comes from many years of feeling the weight and prison of being a broken leader marked many times by defensiveness, anger, hurt and poor view of myself. Frankly, I am amazed that God has been so patient with me.  I have always loved passage in Psalm 103 that says “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.”  This is so central to the Bible and one of the hardest concepts to get drilled into my heart.  Actually, I have come to learn that freedom in leadership or as a father or as a friend comes in believing the Gospel and preaching it to my heart!  Is this not Jesus’ heart as he pursued Peter after the denial?  (my leadership story)

Freed2Lead has been born out of my heart and desire to share great articles and quotes that propel us to live out of freedom verses the prison of pride and fear!